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Range of products in the Warmium Series

Warmium series monobloc heat pump for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

tecnologia inverter icon
Inverter Technology
eficiencia energetica icon
Energy efficiency rating A+++
modulo wifi icon
WiFi module included
programacion horaria semanal
Programmable weekly schedule
modo silencioso icon
Silent mode
Grupo 527
R32 Gas
gas r32 icon
Heats water up to 55ºC
capacidad calorifica 1
Heating capacity: 8.4 | 13 | 18.2 KW
warmium 1

Complete solution

Our heat pumps are capable of meeting heating, cooling and DHW needs in any type of property. They are ideal for new properties looking for low consumption.

They can work with underfloor heating, low-temperature radiators or fan coil units. The following diagram illustrates how a heat pump can integrate to heat with underfloor heating, to cool with fan coil, and to provide DHW with a storage tank.

vaeron esquema ingles

Works up to -30ºC

The device can work in extreme temperature conditions thanks to the compressor equipped with EVI technology. This technology reinjects gas into the compressor more efficiently due to its intermediate stage.

Commissioning instructions

At Vaeron we believe in the installer’s professionalism, for this reason we authorise them to perform the commissioning.

This means the customer can benefit from the device from day one, without having to wait for the technical team to come and turn on the device.

To perform the commissioning, the installer will need to fill in the form which includes the device and send it to us via e-mail so that it can be validated.

Automatic Temperature Adjustment Curve

The temperature adjustment mode allows the device’s consumption to be minimised through a precise temperature setting based on the property’s real needs.

The temperature curves can be accurately adjusted through two parameters allowing each user to find the most suitable curve for their system.

In this example we have shown several curves, but the configuration system allows for completely different curves to be created.

curva p23 ingles

intuitive control

All Warmium series equipment includes a user-friendly, color touchscreen controller.

The control has been designed to offer a wide range of functions via a highly intuitive user interface.

  • 4-inch backlit colour screen
  • WiFi module included in the control
  • Reading of all equipment operating data
  • Programmable weekly schedule
  • Highly intuitive, visual menu
  • Antilegionella control for DHW mode
  • Possibility for defrosting personalisation
  • Error display
  • Available in Spanish and English
  • Silent mode / Holiday mode / Power mode
  • Automatic Temperature Adjustment Curve
  • Configurable user settings to adapt the device to any specific situation
inicio control intuitivo
wp84 4 1
wp84 3 1

Smartphone App

All the appliances include a WiFi module, enabling us to control the appliance via the app with the same functions found on the physical controller.

Other devices only allow a reduced user experience where the majority of the functions are only available via the wired controller. With our system you can modify any setting remotely.

The app also includes a section which displays the status parameters. This lets you know how the system is working so that any technician can evaluate the performance of the installation remotely.

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