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Next Generation Aerothermal Subsidies

The European Union’s Next Generation subsidy schemes include various subsidies to promote the energy transition…

The VAERON 2023 catalogue is now available

Great news for renewable energy lovers! VAERON has launched its product catalogue, focusing on offering…

Advantages and Performance of Aerothermics

What is aerothermics? Aerothermics is revolutionising the way in which we heat our homes. This…

What is an air source heat pump?

Vaeron air source heat pump are able to provide the necessary energy to heat your property by using only 20% electrical energy, whilst the remaining 80% comes from the air at no cost.

Thanks to the heat pump system, it’s possible to heat your home efficiently and sustainably.

Get to know us

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User-friendly high -tech

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European Certifications

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Continual Improvements

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Smart climate control

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sales service


Vaeron Services

Vaeron offers a service package to the installer which advises and accompanies you to ensure optimal use of our heat pumps.

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Technical department

Assistance for installers to offer you the best heating solution with heat pumps.

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Technical support

  • Repairs for equipment under guarantee
  • Installation on request from the customer
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of installations
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Replacement parts

We have spare parts for all our equipment with high-quality documentation available to the general public, which can be requested through our website.

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We offer an installation and commissioning guide which contains all the guidelines to follow and explains point by point all the key aspects to keep in mind during the installation.

Come and join the renewable energy revolution and make the transition to aerothermics today!

Play your part in protecting our planet and leave behind traditional combustion-based heat sources.

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